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The Moral State of God's People Exposed, by C. A. Coates.
... Good News Poems Exhortations Treatises History Publishers References Related Sites The Moral State of God's People Exposed C. A. Coates Judges 19, 20, and 21. ...
URL: http://www.plymouthbrethren.com/cacoj184.htm
The Presence of the Lord with His People, and its Effect, by J. B. Stoney.
... Poems Exhortations Treatises History Publishers References Related Sites The Presence of the Lord with His People, and its Effect (extract) J. B. Stoney The Lord ...
URL: http://www.plymouthbrethren.com/jbs11143.htm
Jerusalem ? Center of Worship and Government, by J. N. Darby.
... , but the royal nation and seat and centre of government will be the Jewish people. To Jerusalem, as the centre alike of worship and government, all ...
URL: http://www.plymouthbrethren.com/jnd11277.htm
This message, I Deborah Arose, was given in Warren, New Jersey on May 4, 1993.
... beloved sister, Deborah, arises at this critical time in the history of God's people. Two sisters actually come to light in this section besides Deborah, there ...
URL: http://www.showers-of-blessing.org/19930504.htm
A Man After God's Own Heart, by John Johnson.
... issues of life (Proverbs 4:23). So here we have these people coming right past, doing the right thing and standing before him, and ...
URL: http://www.plymouthbrethren.com/jqj51203.htm
The distinction between the clergy & the laity - is it of God?
... is "laos", which Strong assigns number 2992 and defines simply as "people". It is used 143 times in the New Testament in Matthew ...
URL: http://www.plymouthbrethren.com/clergy.htm
The Lord's Coming - A Great Gap, by C. H. Mackintosh.
... in profound exercise of soul in reference to the sad condition of his much loved people Israel a condition into which, through the Spirit of Christ, he most ...
URL: http://www.plymouthbrethren.com/chmm904.htm
Considerations on the Nature & Unity of the Church of Christ, by John Darby.
... bond of union? The point is not that unbelieving professors are mixed with the people of God in their communion, but that the bond of communion is not ...
URL: http://www.plymouthbrethren.com/jnd01020.htm
Learn about a wide variety of competitive sports and sporting activities. Browse selected information resources about specific sports.
... use of physical skill, intelligence, and hand-eye coordination. Down through history, people have invented sporting activities as a way to display physical abilities, to offer ...
URL: http://www.sports-information.org/
This message, Hold Fast What Thou Hast, was given in Scotch Plains, New Jersey on January 5, 1993.
... ." Earlier, the Midianites had brought in corruption of the flesh among God's people (see Numbers 25), and God had allowed them to impoverish His ...
URL: http://www.showers-of-blessing.org/19930105.htm
11. Josiah
This message, Josiah, was given in Warren, New Jersey on October 5, 1993.
... God recognises Josiah's faithfulness. God says, 'I am still going to judge the people for their history of unfaithfulness', but He singularly blesses the people during ...
URL: http://www.showers-of-blessing.org/19931005.htm
Learn about active adult communities, residential developments designed for people who are 55 years old and older.
... Business History Trends An active adult community is defined as a residential development designed for people who are 55 years old or older. Sometimes called active adult retirement communities ...
URL: http://www.activeadultcommunities.us/

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