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Learn about electric shavers and shop for shavers and shaving accessories.
... razor." Women, too, began using razors to shave facial and body hair around this time. In the 18th and 19th centuries, straight steel razors ...
URL: http://www.shavers.us/
Learn about the various types of scissors and read about the history of scissor development.
... a useful household tool. From cutting off tags to snipping vegetables, from trimming hair to cutting nails, scissors make cutting things quick and easy. While scissors ...
URL: http://www.scissors.us/
Learn about the causes and symptoms of acne vulgaris. Compare acne treatment products and solutions.
... the skin pores and causes blackheads to form. Some bacteria, normally present in hair follicles, then begin to proliferate abnormally and cause inflammation. The blackheads develop ...
URL: http://www.acnetreatment.us/
Learn how mens cologne and aftershave is formulated. Compare and shop for men's fragrances and shaving accessories.
... products for men. Shop for a wide range of shaving, skin care and hair care items. www.CarterAndBond.com eBarbershop.com Find a good selection of hair grooming products plus ...
URL: http://www.menscologne.us/
Learn about the different types of wool fabric.
... consists of fiber from the fleece of sheep, but it may also consist of hair from goats, llamas, and rabbits. However, sheep wool fibers are ...
URL: http://www.fabric-types.com/wool.htm
Digital photograph of a young woman with dark hair, wearing an elaborate sweet-sixteen dress.
... Dresses> Womens Dresses at eBay> Sweet Sixteen Dress A young woman with dark hair is photographed wearing an elaborate sweet sixteen dress. The dress is white, ...
URL: http://www.womensdresses.us/sweet-sixteen-dress.htm
Learn about the different types of textile fabrics, including woven fabrics, knit fabrics, and various specialized fabrics.
... warmer than woven fabrics, but may mat and pill. Napped fabrics include camel's hair, mohair, and sweatshirt fleece, as well as suede cloth, doeskin ...
URL: http://www.fabric-types.com/textile-fabrics.htm
This baby name meanings page features a list of popular baby names which begin with Rosie through Sara.
... diminutive form of Rudolph. Rufus is a common Latin boy's name and means red haired. Rupert is a very unusual German boy's name and is a variation of ...
URL: http://www.name-meanings.org/rosie.htm
Read the history of the modern toothbrush and learn about manual and electric toothbrushes. Compare and shop for toothbrushes and dental care products.
... Chinese attached hog bristles to bamboo. Toothbrush bristles continued to be made from boar hair bristles until the 1930s, when Du Pont began to manufacture nylon filaments. ...
URL: http://www.toothbrushes.us/
This outlet shopping guide features a directory of factory outlet stores and outlet shopping malls.
... these personal products and home consumer goods, more specialized outlet stores feature everything from hair accessories to equipment for outdoor activities. In addition to periodic sales, outlet ...
URL: http://www.outlet-stores.us/
Learn about high energy particulate air (HEPA) filters and their air filtering specifications. Read about the development of HEPA filter technologies.
... /25,400 inch or 100 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. Particles 1 micron in diameter are not visible to the naked eye. ...
URL: http://www.hepafilters.us/
Learn about the sport of lacrosse and find selected information resources about the game of lacrosse.
... and net on the end. The ball was made of deerskin and stuffed with hair. Lacrosse gained popularity in the USA during the early 1900s, but by ...
URL: http://www.sports-information.org/lacrosse.htm

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