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Learn about the various types of drill bits used for drilling wood, metal, masonry, and other materials.
... Drill Bits Share Drill Bit Guide A drill bit is the cutting part of ... drill, and is usually threaded or pointed. Drill bits are removable, and ...
URL: http://www.drill-bits.us/
Digital photograph of three different types of drill bits, namely, a twist drill bit, a spade drill bit, and a forstner drill bit.
... Drill Bits Share Drill Bits> Drill Bits Photo Drill bits are made of ... materials with different types of coatings. Both low carbon steel and high carbon steel ...
URL: http://www.drill-bits.us/drill-bits.htm
Digital photograph of a drill bit inserted into an electric drill chuck.
... Drill Chuck and Bit Share Drill Bits> Drill Chuck and Bit Photo A ... bit is the part of a powered tool that cuts cylindrical holes into various materials ...
URL: http://www.drill-bits.us/chuck-bit.htm
Digital photograph of five titanium drill bits.
... Titanium Drill Bits Share Drill Bits> Titanium Bits Photo Drill bits come in ... sizes, both in metric and imperial units, but there are specialized bits for ...
URL: http://www.drill-bits.us/titanium-bits.htm
Digital photograph of a spade bit, sawdust, and a hole, partially-drilled through a wooden board.
... Spade Bit Share Drill Bits> About Us> Spade Bit Photograph Spade drill ... Spade Bit Share Drill Bits> About Us> Spade Bit Photograph Spade drill ...
URL: http://www.drill-bits.us/spade-bit.htm
Learn about the features and applications of handheld rotary tools and flexible shaft machines.
... rotary tools to provide a means for drilling, sanding, carving, cutting, ... tools are handheld power tools with rotating bits. They are designed to operate as ...
URL: http://www.rotary-tools.org/
Digital photograph of a green, black, and orange cordless drill, and a twist drill bit, on a white background.
... Green Cordless Drill Share Cordless Drills> Cordless Drill Photo This dark green and ... cordless drill has a drill bit in its hand-tightened chuck and a black rubberized handle ...
URL: http://www.cordlessdrills.us/cordless-drill.htm
Digital photograph of a yellow cordless drill and accessories in a molded plastic case.
... Drill Accessories Share Cordless Drills> Drill Accessories Photograph Cordless drills, like this ... kits often include a variety of drill bits, screw driver bits, and a ...
URL: http://www.cordlessdrills.us/drill-accessories.htm
Learn about portable power tools and cordless tools that can easily be carried from place to place and used where AC power is not available.
... outlet. Common portable power tools include drill drivers, circular saws, jigsaws, ... are capable of spinning a variety of bits. For rotary tool reviews, visit ...
URL: http://www.power-tool.us/portable-tools.htm
Learn about portable and stationary power tools. Compare brand name power tools and accessories from selected tool manufacturers.
... The primary types of power tools include drills, saws, shaping tools, and ... holes by means of a revolving cutting bit. Saws are used to cut solid ...
URL: http://www.power-tool.us/
Read about the basic set of tools used by homeowners, tradesmen, and mechanics.
... , a level, and a cordless drill with drill bits. Round out your ... set with a file, a flashlight, and some all-purpose duct tape. If ...
URL: http://www.tool-boxes.us/tools.htm
Learn about contractor and homeowner tool boxes. Compare and shop for a broad selection of portable tool boxes, tool chests, and truck tool storage solutions.
... whereas a carpenter's tool box may feature drill bit holders. Trades people often mount ... truck tool boxes in the beds of their pickup trucks, where they can store ...
URL: http://www.tool-boxes.us/

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