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Learn about the different types of residential and commercial construction loans. Find building and construction loan information resources.
... Construction Loans Share How to finance residential and commercial construction projects Construction loans are financial instruments that are used to finance real estate construction. In the residential real ...
URL: http://www.construction-loans.us/
Learn about the job responsibilities, educational requirements, and working environment of general contractors who manage construction projects.
... Construction Management Careers Share General Contractors> Construction Managers Most general contractors manage their construction projects; in this context, they fill the role of contruction managers. ...
URL: http://www.general-contractors.us/construction-managers.htm
This page features selected construction industry directories and resource sites.
... Construction Industry Advertising Share Pay Per Click Tools> Search Engines Niche Markets ROI Construction Industry The construction industry touches not only the professionals who work within it, ...
URL: http://www.payperclicktools.com/construction.htm
Overview of the building and construction trades plus links to contractor directories.
... Construction Guide and Directory Share Regional Directory> Construction> Construction News Construction Firm Directory Bricklayers Carpenters Ceramic Tile Contractors Custom Home Builders Drywall Contractors Electric Contractors Elevator Contractors ...
URL: http://www.regionaldirectory.us/construction.htm
Furniture manufacturing, handcrafting, and assembly processes are discussed on this furniture construction website.
... Furniture Construction Share Furniture Construction> Furniture Links Furniture Construction Overview Many of the methods and theories that were used to build furniture more than 300 years ago are ...
URL: http://www.furniture-construction.com/
Photograph of an ongoing residential construction project.
... Residential Construction Share Construction Loans> Residential Construction Photo A construction worker reviews plans outside of a residential construction site. Unfinished homes receive finishing touches before new residents ...
URL: http://www.construction-loans.us/residential-construction.htm
Photograph of a commercial construction project in progress.
... Commercial Construction Site Share Construction Loans> Commercial Construction Photo Concrete, metal, and wood rise several stories into the blue sky, as an unfinished commercial building ...
URL: http://www.construction-loans.us/commercial-construction.htm
Learn about the characteristics and benefits of modular homes, including a discussion of modular home construction methods.
... Modular homes are becoming more popular because they are made in modern factories so the construction process is very streamlined. The resulting product is more consistent, and it ...
URL: http://www.modular-homes.us/
Photograph of a heavy-duty construction crane abutting a skyscraper.
... Construction Crane Share Construction Loans> About Us> Construction Crane Photo A heavy-duty construction crane spans the entire height of a tall building, helping construction workers finish ...
URL: http://www.construction-loans.us/construction-crane.htm
Advice and guidance on hiring general contractors for home building, home remodeling, and home repair projects.
... General Contractors Share General Contractors> Construction Managers General contractors are firms that contract to do construction projects for owners of buildings or other facilities. A general contractor ...
URL: http://www.general-contractors.us/
Reviews the three most widely-used pool construction methods - concrete pools, fiberglass pools, and vinyl pools.
... Inground Pool Construction Share Inground Pools> Pool Construction Pool Landscaping Inground pools come in numerous shapes and sizes, so they will fit virtually any lot. Basic ...
URL: http://www.ingroundpools.us/construction.htm
Learn about the different types of textile fabrics, including woven fabrics, knit fabrics, and various specialized fabrics.
... Silk| Synthetic Fibers| Wool Textile fabrics may be created using various methods of construction, including weaving, knitting, felting, crocheting, braiding, knotting, ...
URL: http://www.fabric-types.com/textile-fabrics.htm

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