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Learn about and compare household air cleaners, air purifiers, and ionizers.
... Air Cleaners Share Air Cleaners> Air Filters Air Purifiers Air Quality Air Cleaners at eBay An air cleaner is designed to clean and purify the air that people ...
URL: http://www.aircleaners.us/
Introduction to automotive air filters and air cleaners plus an auto air filter supplier directory.
... Both cars and people benefit from breathing clean air, and different types of air cleaners, or air filters, are used to clean and filter the air that ...
URL: http://www.auto-air-filters.com/
Photograph of a shiny chrome air cleaner sitting atop an internal combustion engine.
... Chrome Air Cleaner Share Auto Air Filters> Chrome Air Cleaner An auto air filter is visible in the chrome, red, and black interior of this V8 ...
URL: http://www.auto-air-filters.com/chrome-air-cleaner.htm
Overview and description of air purifiers and ionizers.
... Air Purifiers Share Air Cleaners> Air Filters Air Purifiers Air Quality Air Cleaners at eBay An air purifier functions by drawing dirty, unpurified air through an inlet ...
URL: http://www.aircleaners.us/air-purifiers.htm
Learn about high energy particulate air (HEPA) filters and their air filtering specifications. Read about the development of HEPA filter technologies.
... household dust, and pollen. HEPA filters are most commonly found in household vacuum cleaners and air filters. Depending on their usage and indoor air quality factors, ...
URL: http://www.hepafilters.us/
Overview of air filters and air filtering technologies.
... Air Filters Share Air Cleaners> Air Filters Air Purifiers Air Quality Air Cleaners at eBay Air cleaners use a variety of filtering technologies to remove airborne contaminants and ...
URL: http://www.aircleaners.us/air-filters.htm
Introduction to indoor air quality issues and solutions.
... Indoor Air Quality Share Air Cleaners> Air Filters Air Purifiers Air Quality Air Cleaners at eBay Today's homes are often built with energy efficiency in mind. They ...
URL: http://www.aircleaners.us/air-quality.htm
Learn about wood flooring materials and wood floor installation.
... , you need to sweep or vacuum it regularly and occasionally use a wood floor cleaner. Because different types of flooring and finishes require different cleaners, check with ...
URL: http://www.discountflooring.us/wood-floors.htm
Carefully chosen sites offering selected household products and services for the US market.
... you will find a variety of information resources about household products and services. Air Cleaners Air cleaners, air purifiers, HEPA filters, and vacuum cleaners. www.AirCleaners.us ...
URL: http://www.chosensites.us/house.htm
Learn how to clean and care for all types of floors, including wood floors and vinyl floors as well as various types of tile flooring.
... it is more or less stain-proof. Regularly run a damp mop with an all-purpose cleaner over your tile floors, and dry with a soft cloth to prevent streaks ...
URL: http://www.discountflooring.us/floor-cleaning.htm
Learn about the solid surface materials that are used to fabricate solid surface countertops.
... cloth are usually all you need to clean a solid surface countertop, but non-abrasive cleaners may be used as well. If you need to remove minor scratches, ...
URL: http://www.solid-surface-countertops.com/
Learn about the major kitchen appliances which are used for storing food in a cool or cold place. These food storage appliances include refrigerators and fr...
... freezer, and write the freezing date on the item. Your freezer will stay cleaner if you store only clean packages. Check foods every month for expiration dates ...
URL: http://www.kitchenappliances.us/cooling.htm

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