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Carbide burs are versatile tools that rotate at high speeds to remove material. They are commonly used by dentists, jewelers, and craftsmen.
... Carbide Burs Share Carbide Bur Types, Uses, and Vendors A carbide bur is a rotating tool that is used for removing material. More specifically, a ...
URL: http://www.carbide-burs.com/
Macro photo of a carbide bur.
... Carbide Bur Macro Photo Share Carbide Burs> Carbide Bur Macro photo of a typical carbide bur. A detailed, close-up photo of a carbide bur is featured ...
URL: http://www.carbide-burs.com/carbide-bur.htm
Photograph of carbide burs displayed on a storage rack.
... Carbide Bur Storage Share Carbide Burs> Carbide Bur Storage Rack A rack of iron carbide burs, in a variety of sizes, is displayed. Place the ...
URL: http://www.carbide-burs.com/bur-display.htm
Photograph of two carbide burs, isolated on a white background.
... Two Carbide Burs Share Carbide Burs> About Us> Carbide Burs Photo Two metal burs sit side by side on a grayish-white background. While the burs may ...
URL: http://www.carbide-burs.com/carbide-burs.htm
Photographs of several dental burs, stored on brushed metal trays. The carbide burs and diamond bur shown in the photos are used in dentistry.
... Dental Burs Share Carbide Burs> Dental Burs Photo Close-up photos of various sized and shaped dental burs, neatly stored on brushed metal trays. The light reflects ...
URL: http://www.carbide-burs.com/dental-burs.htm
Photograph of a dental handpiece and a carbide bur, isolated on a white background.
... Handpiece and Bur Share Carbide Burs> Handpiece and Bur A close-up photo of a dental drill, a common piece of dental equipment, makes it easy to ...
URL: http://www.carbide-burs.com/handpiece-bur.htm
Learn about the various types of drill bits used for drilling wood, metal, masonry, and other materials.
... drill bits, and drill accessories. www.Irwin.com Freud Tools This manufacturer and marketer of carbide cutting tools features solid carbide drill bits, carbide boring bits, and Forstner ...
URL: http://www.drill-bits.us/
Learn about the various types of saw blades for circular saws, jigsaws, band saws, and hacksaws.
... , materials, and sawing applications. www.Irwin.com Freud Tools This manufacturer and marketer of carbide cutting tools features long-lasting circular saw blades and accessories. www.FreudTools.com DeWalt Features a ...
URL: http://www.saw-blades.us/
Photograph of a dental handpiece, commonly known as a dentist drill.
... be properly filled. See also this similar photo of a dental handpiece and a carbide bur. Link to this photograph page: <a href="http ...
URL: http://www.dentist-tools.com/dental-handpiece.htm
Digital photograph of three different types of drill bits, namely, a twist drill bit, a spade drill bit, and a forstner drill bit.
... resistant to heat, and thus can be used at greater cutting speeds. Tungsten carbide is an extremely hard material and can be used in nearly any material. ...
URL: http://www.drill-bits.us/drill-bits.htm
Visit these links to view a broad spectrum of macro photographs and close-up photos.
... Automotive Air Filter Barometer Internals Baseball Glove Stitching New Testament Page Cabinet Drawer Slide Two Carbide Burs Dental Handpiece and Bur Dental Air and Water Syringe Digital Camcorder Controls Electric ...
URL: http://www.macro-photography.us/photos.htm

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