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Plants range from giant coniferous trees to tiny mosses; they all have in common the ability to capture and utilize the sun's light as an energy source.  This process — called photosynthesis — powers all plant life and growth.  Human beings and animals require plants for food and oxygen, and life on this Earth could not exist without plants.  The cereals we eat for breakfast, the fruit juices we drink, and many of the clothes we wear are all derived from plants.  Trees supply us with wood for fuel, furniture, lumber, and tools.  Throughout the world, flower and vegetable plants are grown in enormous numbers for their nutritional and decorative values.  People also appreciate various herbs for their medicinal value. 

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The plant kingdom comprises more than 200 thousand species that range from common grasses and garden plants to rare tropical flowering plants.  Many more species have yet to be discovered, especially in tropical rain forests.  However, the existence of many plant species is endangered because their habitats are gradually being destroyed.
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Tropical Plants

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