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Striking photograph of a lighted crystal chandelier against a deep red background.
... Lighted Chandelier Share Crystal Chandeliers> Chandelier with Dark Red Background A chandelier is a ceiling-mounted light fixture with light-bearing arms that is often ornately decorated with glass or ...
URL: http://www.crystalchandeliers.us/chandelier.htm
Portrait-orientation photograph of a six-string electric guitar on a black background.
... A vertical, full-body shot of an electric guitar is highlighted by a dramatic black background. The multi-colored, heavily grained wood makes this guitar as much a piece ...
URL: http://www.electric-guitars.us/electric-guitar.htm
Photograph of two eyeglass lenses on a black background.
... Lenses> Eyeglass Lens Photo A pair of round eyeglass lenses floats on a black background. The light reflects off the lenses, contributing to an opaque effect. ...
URL: http://www.eyeglass-lenses.com/eyeglass-lenses.htm
Simple illustration of a floor lamp, complete with lamp shade and pull chain, isolated on a white background.
... Copyright© 2011 FloorLamps.us. All rights reserved. Floor Lamp Picture on a White Background ...
URL: http://www.floorlamps.us/floor-lamp-art.htm
Digital photograph of a paint spray gun, on a white background.
... gun, with a white paint reservoir, is photographed on a clean, white background, before a bright palette of paint makes things more colorful. A paint ...
URL: http://www.air-tools.org/spray-gun.htm
Photograph of a female optician proffering eyeglasses to a client, with a blurry vision chart in the background.
... fits the glasses to his or her head, the blurry eye chart in the background will come into focus. Link to this photograph page: <a href ...
URL: http://www.eyeglass-lenses.com/optician.htm
The Norwegian flag consists of an off-center blue and white cross on a red background.
... , until 1814, the Norwegian flag bore an off-center white cross on a red background. In 1821, during the time Norway was united with Sweden, the ...
URL: http://www.norwegian-flag.com/
The Japanese flag consists of a white background with a red disc in the center.
... well as one of the easiest to recognize, the Japanese flag comprises a white background with a striking red disk in the center. Japan is known around the ...
URL: http://www.japanese-flag.org/
Photograph of two carbide burs, isolated on a white background.
... Us> Carbide Burs Photo Two metal burs sit side by side on a grayish-white background. While the burs may appear similar from afar, this close-up shot shows ...
URL: http://www.carbide-burs.com/carbide-burs.htm
Digital photograph of two horse heads on a black background.
... Two Horses Photograph The heads of two dressage horses seem to float on a black background. Both horses are wearing dressage bits and bridles. A gray horse with ...
URL: http://www.horsetack.us/two-horses.htm
Digital image of a recumbent stationary exercise bike, on a white background.
... Digital image of a recumbent stationary exercise bike, on a white background. ...
URL: http://www.exercisebikes.us/recumbent-bike.htm
The Chinese flag consists of a red field with a large yellow star, plus four smaller stars, in its upper hoist corner.
... China's original flag, introduced in 1872, featured a blue dragon on a yellow background. After the 1911 revolt, the flag changed to five different colored stripes ...
URL: http://www.chinese-flag.org/

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