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This South America map website features printable maps of South America plus South American geographic, demographic, and travel information.
... by the Drake Passage and Antarctica. The longest river in South America is the Amazon, which runs through Brazil for about 4,000 miles. South America's ...
URL: http://www.map-of-south-america.us/
Learn about cacao trees, cacao beans, and how cacao is processed to make cocoa and the different varieties of chocolate.
... made from the beans of cocoa trees that are native to Central America and the Amazon River basin of South America. The cocoa bean is intensely bitter on its ...
URL: http://www.chocolateshop.us/varieties.htm
This page highlights several popular travel destinations in Europe, including large cities like Paris, Rome, and London as well as special interest destinat...
... house and an amazing aquarium, where tourists are able to walk below a simulated Amazon flood. Brussels, Belgium Brussels is an important administrative community. It houses ...
URL: http://www.map-of-europe.us/travel.htm

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